On Writing Chapter 9

Posted by on October 13, 2014 in Blogs | Comments Off

Writing Chapter 9 was a pain in the ass.

Until now, writing a new chapter has been pretty consistent: it takes me a while to get into it, but once I do, it’s smooth sailing until the end.

Chapter 9, for whatever reason, was different. I sat down to write, and the first couple of comics shot right out of me. Then—I’m not sure when—I started stumbling. I had the general chapter outline in head, but when I tried to write, nothing worked. I couldn’t get the wording right, my mental images were all wonky, and I couldn’t get everything to fit together.

I tried a few different strategies and processes, but eventually, the only thing that worked was to write one or two comics at a time, get super frustrated, and then leave in a tizzy (I hate that I just used that phrase, but I’m compelled to leave it there). Later, I would come back, edit what I last wrote, and try it all again.

I worked that way until the end. Ugh.

It’s always worth it, though, and doubly so this time. It’s always worth it when it finally comes together at the end. It’s always worth it to see each comic evolve after H. has her artistic way with it. And in spite of the trouble it gave me, I think this chapter is my favorite so far.

To be fair, I say that after every chapter… But still.