About What-Man

Ted has always wanted to be a superhero. One time he tried to jump-start the process of finding out his super power. It didn’t work. Instead, he figured if he could come up with his superhero name, the rest would fall into place. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, Ted finds that he’s great at coming up with other people’s superhero names, while his own eludes him. Isn’t that just the way it goes? What-Man is a webcomic that follows Ted as he searches for his destiny (and his superhero name) while keeping up with normal life stuff like an uninteresting job and the friends and foes who occupy his superhero universe. Join us every Thursday for the latest comic.

Robin Karleskint

Author: Robin Karleskint

Robin was one of those annoying children who can’t make up their minds about what they want to be when they grow up. Fortunately, she discovered she could experience it all vicariously through the characters she made up in her head. She’s been openly admitting that she’s a creative writer ever since. Because she likes to eat and have a roof over her head, Robin also works as a freelance copywriter by day. When she’s not busy telling other people’s stories, she’s busy helping other writers and freelancers on her blog. And when she’s not writing at all, Robin enjoys procrastinating with books, video games, arts and crafts, thinking about the zombie apocalypse, and TV.

H. Renae Croissant

Illustrator: H. Renae Croissant

Born in the freezing mountains a mile above sea-level–Denver, land of the yetis–H moved about with her family often and always, occupied with a plethora of personalities some might consider dangerous, others might consider character building blocks. Currently setting up shop in CA, she’s been around the States and plans a spirit walk to Canada to meet the mother of all yetis. Always thinking up movie-length epic plot lines that stew in insane dreams with zombies and a cyborg Harvey Kitel, she’s been putting pencil to paper since day 1 and hasn’t stopped since. An editor by day, a pug-lovin’ dancin’ fool by night, it’s a wonder she has all that time for drawing, painting, quilting, and jazzercise. Sometimes, she even tries to review a movie, because it’s better to burn that candle at both ends and go up like a firework. Check out her Etsy Shop while you’re at it.